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Don’t Curb Homebuyers’ Enthusiasm with a Shabby Exterior

Posted November 1, 2011

Home sellers spend so much time preparing their interior for the sale that they can easily overlook what’s going on outside of the home. Yet great curb appeal can increase the value of a property by as much as 15-20%. Mario Garcia, a landscaper in Bethesda, Md. who helps prepare homes for market, says a well-manicured lawn is a magnet for buyers. On the other hand, overgrown trees or large bushes hiding the house are a no-no...

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Backyard Oasis

Posted September 2, 2011

Today’s prospective homebuyers are increasingly interested in a property’s outdoor living space as they are its interior. Savvy agents understand this powerful trend and are staging homes on two fronts – the terrific indoors and the great outdoors. The following tips will help ensure that your backyard is as distinctive at your home itself. Make your Backyard Homey: Create a conversation area with some furniture...

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