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Working Kitchens Catch the Eye of Aspiring Chefs

Posted March 12, 2012

It’s astonishing how many people believe they are the next Mario Batali and have taken to the kitchen in a serious way. Ratings for cooking shows are at an all-time high as viewers are enamored with the idea of being culinary masters. Home sellers are upgrading to professional-style kitchens to capitalize on the craze, and their investments are paying off in more potential buyers and attractive returns when their homes sell. One of the easiest steps appealing to today’s tastes is adding stainless steel appliances and sinks, as sleek stainless resists scratches and is easy to maintain...

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The Touble with Vacant Homes

Posted February 20, 2012

Today’s housing market makes it tougher to get the price for a home and, often, sellers can’t wait around while their homes are on the market. They may have a new job in a different location, may have already bought their next house or need to move to their new location so the kids can start at their new schools. If sellers already have a new home, it’s likely that they’ll take all their furniture and leave the property empty during selling process...

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Avoid These 8 Staging Mistakes

Posted March 26, 2012

You may love your home, but that doesn’t mean that everyone coming through the door will feel the same way. What may be “charming” to the seller may seem off-putting to a prospective buyer. Many sellers attempt to stage their home themselves and, in doing so, create mistakes that can actually sidetrack the sale of their homes. Here are some of the biggest staging mistakes, according to professional home stagers. Remember, staging a home means showcasing the property’s many features, not concealing its flaws...

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Technology and Home Sales

Posted February 6, 2012

Today’s home buyers are often thinking about a home’s technology advantages as much as they are its floorplan, square footage and location. A recent survey by the Consumer Electronics Association of real estate agents showed that home-theater systems, home security systems, home automation management systems and energy management systems are selling faster than they ever have. “There is a strong relationship between home technologies and the real estate market,” said CEA’s Rhonda Daniel in a recent press release...

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