Healthcare in Auburn and Opelika

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Healthcare and access to health facilities is very important to support an area's residents. It is also a very important factor when deciding whether or not to move to an area. Auburn and Opelika's emergency needs and diagnostic care are proudly covered by East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC), which has over 150 doctors on staff and served around 16,000 patients last year. The Auburn University Medical Clinic serves not only the student population but also the general public.

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Auburn University Medical Clinic also offers a Student Pharmacy, where Auburn University Pharmacy students can get real-world experience filling prescriptions. We have two Walgreens pharmacies in Auburn, one in Opelika. There are also many CVS locations and Walmart and Kroger also fill prescriptions. There are also several small pharmacies located in the area.

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Oral Care

There are over 30 dentists and dental care offices in Auburn and Opelika. With plenty of choices both for pediatric and adult dentistry, as well as oral surgery, you should have no problem finding a dentist that can best serve your oral health plan.

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Medical Specialists and Elderly Care

We have numerous medical clinics open late and even on the weekends, as well as family and pediatric practices. One of the benefits of living in a smaller town is the close personal relationships many residents enjoy with their doctor or care provider.

We also have several nursing homes as well as retirement living estates. Hospice and home-health nurses are only a phone call away.

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Pet Care

Some people spend more on their pets' care than they do on themselves! Auburn University has one of the top Veterinary schools in the nation, and you can rely on their expertise. Whether it's a large or small animal, they have a clinic for you. There are also a number of private vet clinics and offices for your dog and cat.

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Health Statistics *

  • 16,401 surgical procedures
  • 1,729 babies born
  • 15,388 hospital patients admitted
  • 38,199 AU Medical Clinic Patients
*Latest data available was through 2009.

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